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Stig Rossen

16th December 2021


2021 is Drawing to a Close

and wow, what a year it has been!

We had to wait all the way until May before we finally were allowed to meet again, but then it was full speed ahead. We had had an extra year to look forward to Odense Summer Revue, which premiered on May 6 and played until mid-June and again in August. It was my debut as a revue actor and it was exactly as fun and challenging as I had hoped for!

The summer offered a wealth of concerts, and fortunately there was time to catch up both on some of the concerts that had been moved and for new events. We paid tribute to John Mogensen, partied with Stig & Vennerne, and once again Sagafjord formed a completely magical setting for more of those intimate concerts, which must soon be considered an annual tradition. We'll do it all again next year.


Tivoli and Mikkel Roennow's new, magnificent production of the Danish hit musical Atlantis filled most of the autumn and brought us from the premiere in Copenhagen to Aarhus, Holstebro and Odense, before returning to the starting point, where we let the legendary land Atlantis go under for the last time on November 13. The ticket sales, the repeated extensions of the playing period and last but certainly not least all your warm expressions all testified to an overwhelming reception. It was a pleasure having time to explore and develop the role of Jabbadoor, the villain who seduces an entire people and leads them into the abyss. In addition, it is always wonderful to be part of a large team of inspiring, talented colleagues, and the team behind Atlantis was in a class of its own. The final touches are currently being put on the double CD and LP, which can be pre-ordered now and will be released during 2022. 

The album is a live recording of the entire performance and thus becomes a unique opportunity to experience or re-experience the story and not least the music.



As you know, the Christmas tour was a bit shorter than we had hoped. Unfortunately, there were four cities we did not manage to visit, but we are betting that we can make up for it next year. It must be possible to reach the finish line completely by then.


It may feel like we're where we were at this time last year, but much has changed after all. We have come a long way together, and how wonderful it has been to feel the community and the atmosphere at the many concerts we managed after all. The venues have made a huge effort, just as the Christmas team on and around the stage have surpassed themselves again this year. At a few concerts, we had to cancel the break to minimize the risk of spreading the infection, but to ensure that everyone still got the full concert experience, we did not cut down on the set list. Among other things this resulted in two marathon concerts at the Tivoli Congress Centre. It is a huge privilege to work with a team that pulls together for these tasks. We took the opportunity to thank TCC for the five years we have been there but were also pleased to announce that we will be back in the Falkoner Hall from next year.

I'm already looking forward to next year, when we will be travelling with the annual Christmas Concert tour for the 28th time. Ticket sales have started at many venues, and more are being added gradually, so keep an eye on the calendar on the website.




If you think it's a little early to start looking forward to next Christmas, we can start with a look at the rest of 2022. There are already several exciting projects in the calendar! When the extended Christmas holiday is over, we are ready for a wonderful reunion with More Jacks in Slagelse on 28 January, a series of concerts with Stig & Vennerne and yet another musical production when Stephen Sondheim's "Into The Woods" premieres in Glassalen in Tivoli on March 18. I will play the narrator in the play, which is an original mix of classic fairy tales with excellent music added. It's going to be good! In the next newsletter I will tell you more about what you can look forward to if you dare to follow us into the deep forest, where anything can happen ...


Thank you very much for your support over the past year. It is you who keep the culture alive.


I look forward to meeting you again out there in real life, and until then: The warmest wishes for a blessed Christmas and a happy New Year from me to you!


See you out there in 2022!

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Stig Rossen

16th November 2021

Thank you for now, Atlantis, the Christmas season is approaching!

Atlantis has sunk for the last time, and it's time to seriously turn our eyes to the Christmas tour.

Atlantis was rounded off with an absolutely fantastic week, which among other things offered a historical sing-along performance, where the audience sang along and to a great extent contributed to an unforgettable evening. It was amazing to be part of, so thank you so much to all of you who participated.

I know many of you have been in the audience at one or maybe even more of the many Atlantis performances; I am wondering if Joan and Gitte set a record with their total of 32 performances? Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your many positive feedbacks. It has been wonderful to play for totally sold-out performances again and I have enjoyed diving into the role of Jabbadoor. Now I look forward to switching the villain role with all the cosiness and warmth associated with Christmas.


                                           This Year's Christmas Concert 2021

The caravan is about ready to travel around the country, and it is loaded with Christmas spirit!

Tomorrow we start with the first Christmas concert with the quartet in Kulturhuset in Skanderborg, and then we're up and running. This year's Christmas concert tour offers as many as 26 concerts, and as always, I have my eminent Christmas team with me. We look forward to it!

I would just like to mention that I also have 4 concerts with Jaque in Hermanns, Tivoli Friheden in Aarhus, and 3 Nordic Christmas concerts in Hamburg, so I will be allowed to do 34 wonderful Christmas concerts this year!

And if that should have just escaped your attention, then the guest soloist is Johanne Milland, with whom I have just played in the musical Atlantis, where she had the lead role as Princess Adalena. She is a brilliant talent, whom we will see much more of in the years to come, but you can experience her here and now in this year's Christmas Concert.

If you have not yet secured your ticket, there is still time. Look at the calendar on the website where you will find the entire tour schedule with links to ticket sales.


                                                       Stig Rossen with band

On Friday 19 November, you can experience a very special concert in beautiful surroundings at Noerre Vosborg. We have called the concert "Stig Rossen with band", and with me on stage I have a team of excellent musicians:

Pojken Flensborg on piano
Jacob Trautner on keyboard
Jens Kokholm on guitar
Kim Mikkelsen on bass
Per Kolling on drums
Michael Bladt on flute and saxophone

We'll be playing some of my absolute favourites, including some of the songs I do not often include on the set list. If you want to join us, there is still time. Find your ticket here:

Stig Rossen with band

                             Calendar + Webshop = Ideas for Christmas presents

If you followed the link above, you undoubtedly saw that next year's calendar is well stocked with both concerts and a musical already. Maybe you will find inspiration for the Christmas wishes this year?

You might also want to look at the web shop, where you can find my book "Life should not be lived on autopilot" and of course a large number of DVDs and CDs. Whether you prefer the more poppish albums, the musical favourites, "More Jacks" or "Stig & Vennerne", it can be found in the shop, from where we mail it signed and directly to your mailbox. You can also find all four Christmas albums - "Christmas lights" (Julelys, 1998), "When you see a shooting star" (Når du ser et stjerneskud, 2007), "I saw a rose grow" En rose så jeg skyde, (2010), which also contains a DVD, and last, but not least, "Voices of Christmas" (Julens stemmer, 2013).

Follow the link below, it will take you directly to the shop, which is filled with great ideas for Christmas presents.

Stig Rossen Shop


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I look forward to seeing you out there!


Stig Rossen

14th October 2021

Extra shows and a full Christmas calendar


Hooray! The time for seriously making up for lost time is approaching. Although we are in the middle of October and in the middle of Atlantis, we are of course also in the middle of planning the Christmas Concert of the Year 2021. In this newsletter you will, among other things, read a greeting from this year's guest soloist, you will get links to extra Atlantis performances, and then you will get a little tip on how to ensure that you continue to receive the newsletter directly in your inbox.

The Tip First


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This Year’s Christmas Concert 2021

Back in May, we asked about your favourite Christmas songs via the Facebook page, and we received an overwhelming amount of feedback with both old hits that are always included, and new suggestions for songs for the set list. It is always great with input and inspiration from you. As always, this year's set list has been on the drawing board most of the year, and it's starting to take shape now that autumn has announced its arrival.

Without revealing too much, I can promise you that some of your favourites will be included, and there is also something new on the program, of course. Among other things a completely new duet, newly written for Johanne and me.

And speaking of Johanne, she sends you the following greeting:


My name is Johanne Milland Pedersen and this year I am the guest soloist at this year's Christmas concert. Right now, Stig and I are playing Jabbadoor and Adalena in Tivoli's production of Atlantis, but soon we will sing and celebrate the upcoming Christmas with you around the country, and I'm looking forward to that.

Actually, it is a tour I’ve dreamed of being part of for a few years now. I saw Stig's Christmas concert for the first time in 2016 and since then I have profoundly wished to stand on stage with him surrounded by Christmas magic, wonderful music, the warmth from the fireplace, Christmas stories that live on, and bells that chime, reminding us all what we look forward to the most, namely Christmas.

For me, Christmas is something very special, it is a time of calm and cosiness. In a way, I think it's the warmest time of the year. Do not get me wrong, it is bitterly cold outside, and the wind is shaking the trees violently, but there is something about the cold and the stormy evenings that makes us move closer to each other, both physically and in the soul. And it makes me feel warm. I like a lot of the quiet and creative activities in the days leading up to Christmas - creating something from scratch. Christmas cards, paper hearts for the tree, candle decorations and everything in between. And I especially like it if I can share it with someone. Immerse myself in conversation across the table and in the specific things you do - right now and here - and I feel that Christmas gives us that. Calmness and conversation. We do not rush around the same way we do during the summer months. We look each other in the eye and create moments in our homes with our families or friends.

I also have that feeling about Stig. Both as a human being and as a colleague. Just as there is party and colour in him, just as much calm and presence there is as well. Something I want to highlight about Stig is his always positive nature, a state of mind that is infectious and teaches me to look positively and wisely at all situations, no matter what they offer me. It's so easy to walk down the negative path, but I'm learning gradually that the negative does not solve anything. On the contrary.

Another thing I am very happy about at Christmas is the music. Especially big old band Christmas songs with the sound of a wild old microphone, make me genuinely happy. There is something about only hearing those numbers once a year. For me, it is the joy of reunion on a high level. I try to restrain myself so as not to get tired of Christmas before it begins. But I still put Christmas music on as early as September because I just cannot help it.

Being allowed to join Stig's Christmas tour around the country is therefore something I am really looking forward to. I often refer to the fact that autumn and Christmas are like getting a big hug from someone you care about. That’s how I feel it is with the Christmas tour as well. Just with an extra layer of magic and Christmas glitter.


This year's Christmas tour plan

Keep an eye on the calendar, as there are changes made regularly. Most recently, I have been able to add that the three concerts in Braendkjaerkirken in Kolding are on sale again. They were initially sold out, but fortunately there is an opportunity to secure a ticket again. And at the Tivoli Congress Center, the sale of additional tickets for the concert at 14.00 has just started.

On the other hand, the Christmas concert in Portalen in Greve is sold out, which emphasizes that it not too early to think about Christmas and secure a ticket, far from it.

You can see the entire calendar and find links to ticket sales here:

Ticket Sale

Extra Atlantis performances

Thanks to the fantastic reception of the musical Atlantis, the schedule has once again been extended with extra performances at Tivoli. The most recently added performances are Sunday 7/11 at 15.00, Friday 12/11 at 19.30 and Saturday 13/11 at 15.00 And then a very special and quite exciting performance, namely the 11/11 has been added, which will be a sing-along special performance, where we encourage everyone to sing along and to come in costumes also. I look forward to hearing 1,600 people sing along to Hil Atlantis, and it will be fun to see everyone in Tivoli's Concert Hall dressed as Jabbadoor! 😁

As always, you can find links to ticket sales in the calendar on the website.

As you can see, the calendar is filled well into 2022. There is a lot to look forward to and lots of options for your Christmas gift list!




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I look forward to seeing you out there!


Stig Rossen

14th September 2021

                                              Premiere Weekend

Friday 10th September was opening night for the new production of the Danish success musical “Atlantis”. It has been 28 years since the very first showing of this musical, but this production in Tivoli is the largest ever. 

I am including links to both reviews and ticket sale in this newsletter. 

It is truly amazing to finally perform before a full audience again! 




                                      You can read the complete review from Kulturinformation here (in Danish only):  


"The new production in Tivoli of the Danish musical" Atlantis "from 1993 is in every way a victory for the authors, the music, the director Thomas Agerholm, the conductor and co-producer Mikkel Roennow and the whole well-singing team. The big musical machine not only runs, it spins with joy, and it could just as well have been a movie you watched, with many “takes.” Because at the opening night it was perfectly delivered, live theatre with a sea of singers, dancers and musicians live on stage in the large concert hall”.

You can read the full review from Kulturkupeen here (in Danish only):

"The story of the musical ATLANTIS now seems as adventurous as the myth of the lost paradise of the same name. Schoolmates Peter Spies, Sune Svanekier and Thomas Hoeg set out to create a modern Danish musical that premiered at the Bellevue Theatre in 1993 to predominantly great reviews. "Since then, fans of the musical have managed to keep it alive and 28 years later we can now experience it in the most lavish setting to date in the Tivoli Concert Hall."

You can read the complete review from CPH CUlture here (in Danish only):

Atlantis will be running until 6th November in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Holstebro and Odense.


Purchase your ticket to Atlantis 




                             NEW COMPLETE ATLANTIS DOUBLE-CD

ATLANTIS 2021 will be available as a complete cast album both on CD and LP.

A LIVE cast recording of Atlantis will be recorded and distributed. 

The COMPLETE performance will be recorded, so this will be a once-in-a-lifetime chance to get a complete recording of the musical.


We will need a minimum of 1,000 advance orders, so sign up here, if you are interested: 




Cosy Church Concert with Pianist 

Even though Atlantis of course will take up a lot of time in the calendar over the coming months, there will be other concerts to look forward to also.

Helleruplund Church will be the setting for a cosy concert with pianist on

Sunday 26th September. Carl Ulrik Munk-Andersen will accompany and as always, the repertoire will include everything from big musical hits to some of my own pop favourites. There is always a very special atmosphere at these church concerts, and in contrast to the big performances, here is a nice opportunity to look the audience in the eye. The whole thing is just a little bit more intimate. 

Ticket Sale





Christmas is coming before you know it ….

Okay, maybe it's not Christmas just yet, however, ticket sales are moving fast here as well, so hence this reminder. Check the calendar, find the date, and concert venue that suits you, and enjoy that you can look forward to us delivering a dose of concentrated Christmas atmosphere. The whole faithful Christmas team, this year's talented guest soloist, Johanne Milland, and I am already looking forward to these concerts and we hope to see you. 

Find your ticket here


                            I look forward to seeing you out there!

Stig Rossen

17th May 2021

We are up and running again!

Summer Revue, Christmas Concert of the year, Atlantis and a load of other exciting thingson the calenda. We have been without each other for a long time and finally we can make up for lost time.

Here´s a little information about some of what I´m looking forward to.

Will I see you?



The accolades are raining down on Odense Summer Revue

Odense Summer Revue premiered on 6th May, just as the cultural life could be resumed finally, and the start has been flying! 

As you can see in the picture above, there are new performances in the calendar and thus also a few available seats, but do not wait too long.

All necessary precautions are taken, so that we can safely gather and laugh a little at everything - we need it!

Find your ticket here  



Christmas Concert 2021

This year's phenomenal guest soloist is Johanne Milland, and there is really something to look forward to!

Johanne is a graduate of the Danish School of Performing Arts, Musical in Fredericia 2019, and some may have been lucky enough to experience her in productions such as "Fiddler on a Roof", "Den skaldede frisoer” (The Bald Hairdresser) or "Leonora Christina", where she and I appeared together for the first time. In this autumn's magnificent production of the Danish musical success "Atlantis", where I play the army commander Jabbadoor, Johanne gives life and voice to the female lead, Princess Adalena. Johanne also plays the lead role in Anna Emma Haudal's new feature film "The Venus Effect", which has its cinema premiere on 25th December 2021. In other words, at this year's Christmas concert you can look forward to experiencing an exceptionally talented guest soloist, an eminent singer who also masters the art of acting.

Find venues, concert dates and link to ticket sales on the website: 


Brand new song for the musical Atlantis

As part of the preparations for this autumn's production of the Danish hit musical Atlantis, we have succeeded in persuading the composer and writers to write a new song for the villain Jabbadoor, which Stig is looking forward to playing.

The song has come to be called "See Me", and here we get a deeper insight into the army commander's true self - vain, envious and vengeful as he is.

Ticket sales are booming, so six new performances have opened up at Tivoli and four more in Aarhus. Do not wait too long to secure your ticket for the biggest setup of Atlantis so far.


Find you ticket here  

And then there is everything else!

There is much more than revue, musical and Christmas Concert of the Year 2021 to be found in the calendar, which is quite filled up this year.

Experience the atmospheric tribute concerts, where Stig sings the biggest hits from the beloved John Mogensen. Join in commemorating Flemming "Bamse" Joergensen with a party when Stig & Vennerne (Stig & friends) perform. And remember that you can enjoy both Flemming's songs and a number of humorous anecdotes at the acoustic concerts, where the tempo has been slowed down a bit, but certainly not for either musicality or mood.

The calendar also contains several intimate concerts, where the focus is on the presence, when Stig sings some of his own favourites from both the international and the Danish repertoire accompanied by his talented pianist.

Experience, among other things, the very special atmosphere at Houens Odde Gaard, where La Petite Provence will form a completely magical setting for just such an intimate concert, where everything is just a little closer. You can find your ticket for the concert at Houens Odde Gaard here:

Join us for an intimate concert 

I look forward to seeing you out there!

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