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November 2019

Stig Rossens Nyhedsbrev - 👉Årets Julekoncerter med Stig Rossen er igang

26. November 2019


This Year’s Christmas Concerts

I began my 25th Christmas Concert tour in Maribo Cathedral on the 20th November. It was a huge pleasure, and from this day and until 20th December I will be touring all over Denmark with my amazing guest performer Jasmin Gabay. We look forward to seeing you for some Christmas songs and Christmas fun.


TV Lorry was visiting as we rehearsed for our Christmas concerts.




Would you like to know where I'm holding a Christmas concert?

You can see all my Christmas concerts and other events in my calendar

You can see all my Christmas concerts and events here


Stig Rossen

This year, Stig can celebrate the 25th anniversary of his Christmas concert Tour.

Christmas has a very special place in Stig Rossen's heart, and since he released his first Christmas album in 1998, Julelys, the list has grown to a total of four Christmas albums and one Christmas DVD.

The releases reflect the versatility that also characterizes the Christmas concerts. The most beautiful and beloved Christmas hymns and songs from the Danish song treasure, new and old, go hand in hand with a selection of the best songs from the English-language repertoire. In Stig Rossen's interpretations, The Feast of Hearts contains everything from energetic American classics to subdued, moving Danish a cappella versions.

Jasmin Gabay

We know Jasmin Gabay and her infectious humour and energy from DR’s The Big Baking Contest 2018 and her beautiful voice from the Danish Eurovision Song Contest 2019, where she participated with the Latin-inspired “Kiss Like This”. As a choir singer, Jasmin has performed with Mariah Carey in Sweden and she was a part of Carey's Christmas tour in 2018 in Denmark. She has been a regular backing singer for Patrick Dorgan and in 2017 she was in Kiev for the Eurovision Song Contest as a strong backing for Anja Nissen.

There is good reason to look forward to experiencing the wonderful Jasmin Gabay live when she lights up the stage as guest performer at this year's Christmas concert.




See Stig and Jasmin as they spread Christmas spirit on Strøget

Hugs from

Stig Rossens Newsletter - April 2019

30. April 2019

Finally, I can share the name of this year's guest soloist with you!  Also, I can offer you a 20% discount on lecture tickets. Read more below. 


You may recognize her infectious good mood from The Great Baking Contest in 2018, where she went all the way to the final. Or perhaps you saw her live and energetic performance at this year's Eurovision Song Contest. Or perhaps these performances are unknown to you, still. No matter what, there is no doubt that you can look forward to experience Jasmin Gabay at this year's Christmas concerts.

The Christmas tour is always a wonderful and intense period, and this year is especially exciting, as we are celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Christmas Tour. Currently, there are no less than 30 Christmas concerts in the calendar on the website, where you can see dates for  all the concerts scheduled and find links to ticket sales.


If you look at the calendar you may also see that we need not wait until Christmas to meet again. Next month you can see or revisit the show "No More Jacks - Toward New Times." It'll be great!

Get a 20% discount on tickets for the lecture "Kiss the routine - Life should not be lived on autopilot", which can be experienced in Roskilde and Aarhus in September.

All you must do to get the 20% discount is to add the discount code STIG2019 when you buy your tickets.

Roskilde Congress Centre - Monday 9th September 2019 at 07.00 - 09.00 p.m.:

Tivoli Friheden, Aarhus - Tuesday 10th September 2019 at 07.00 - 09.00 p.m.:

Remember the discount code: STIG2019

Also, there are many Stig & Friends concerts scheduled in the calendar, as well as other great events, so look at the website and let's meet out there.


Hugs from

 Stig Rossens Newsletter - Februar 2019

15. Februar 2019

2019 is well underway. I play the part of Fuchs in the new big musical Leonora Christina in Odeon until tomorrow, there are a lot of concerts with Stig & Friends in the calendar, and I have of course started to prepare for the big 25th anniversary Christmas tour. It will be an exciting year with many new initiatives.

This week we launched our website and web shop, introducing a brand-new look. Come check it out!

Aarhus Banden has "retired", as they themselves call it, and I would like to thank these enthusiasts for their fantastic support through the years. I look forward to meeting you all at the concert venues.

Hugs Stig

Exciting News for 2019 and a Message from Aarhus Banden

January 30th. 2019

Dear Newsletter Recipient,

Happy New Year. We hope you have entered the year 2019 in good health and spirit.

In the following we have listed Stig’s many scheduled activities for 2019. As always, many will be added along the way, so keen a close eye on the calendar on Stig’s website 


We hope that you have been able to learn through the media, that Stig currently is performing in the new musical Leonora Christina, which centres on the story of the King’s daughter from the Blue Tower. Xenia Lach-Nielsen, a name many will recognize from the musical Chess, is playing the lead. Stig plays the parts of Fuchs/Francisco. The musical is staged by Peter Langdal, an instructor whom Stig has long wanted to cooperate with.

Leonora Christina is a newly written musical and an inter-artistic collaboration between Odense Theater, The Funen Opera and Odense Symphony Orchestra.

The musical is played at Odeon's large hall in Odense. Opening night was Tuesday 22 February at 19.30. So far, performances have been planned until February 15, 2019.

Please note that Stig is not in the performance on February 1, as he has another obligation on this date.

You can read more and buy tickets here



At this time the following Stig and Friends concerts have been scheduled for 2019:

1st February at 6.00 p.m.         Kauslunde Kro, Middelfart

23rd February at 9.00 p.m.      Bramming Kosmorama

9th March at 8.00 p.m.            Fuglsoecentret, Knebel

15th March at 8.00 p.m.           Nykoebing Falster Theatre

23rd March at 6.30 p.m.          Pejsegaarden, Braedstrup

4th April at 8.00 p.m.              Fuglsangcentret, Fredericia

30th March at 6.00 p.m.          Astrup Soenderskov Hallen, Hjoerring

16th May at 8.00 p.m.               Portalen, Greve

22nd June at 2.00 p.m.             Banerock, Faarup

3rd August at 3.00 p.m.            Lyngby Moelle, Loekken

21st September at 8.00 p.m.    Nordborg Castle

26th October at 6.00 p.m.       Jyske Bank Boxen, Herning



18th April at 6.00 p.m.              Bogensehallerne, Bogense

7th May at 2.00 p.m.                 Vissenbjerg Hallen


2nd April at 8.00 p.m.   Skodborg Church, Roedding

3rd April at 7.30 p.m.   Dronninglund Church

7th April at 3.00 p.m.   Egebaeksvang Church, Espergaerde


Stig is repeating the huge success from last year by having two performances on the tourist ship ”Saga Fjord” while sailing in Roskilde fjord. He is scheduled to perform two summer concerts on board on 10th May at 7.00 p.m. and 23rd August at7.00 p.m. respectively.


The concerts “A evening with John Mogensen” are in much demand. Some concerts in 2019 are already sold out, but there are still a few tickets left for the following events:

18th May at 8.00 p.m.  Taastrup Theatre

4th October at 8.00    Ringsted Kongres og Kultursted, Ringsted



The success from 2018, and for several of the concerts also the collaboration with the association Danish Seniors (Danske Seniorer), is followed up here in 2019 with several performances in May and June:

21st May at 8.00 p.m.    Kalundborg Hallerne

22nd May at 7.00 p.m.   Vejen Idraetscenter

23rd May at 7.00 p.m.   Aarhus Raadhus

24th May at 7.00 p.m.   Vendsyssel Idraetscenter

25th May at 7.00 p.m.   Alsion, Soenderborg

26th May at 8.00 p.m.   Vemb, Nr. Vosborg

28th May at 2.00 p.m.   Esbjerg Musikhuset

29th May at 2. P.m.       Herning Kongrescenter

12th June at 7.30 p.m.  Glassalen, Tivoli

13th June at 7.30 p.m.  Glassalen, Tivoli



True to form the Christmas concert tour is kicked of with a few church concerts. At this time, one church concert with pianist is planned:

20th November at 7.30 in Maribo Cathedral


24. November   07.30pm   Taastrup Teater        

27. November   08.00pm  Esbjerg Musikhus      

28. November   05.30pm   Frederikshavn, Det Musiske Hus       

28. November   08.30pm  Frederikshavn, Det Musiske Hus       

29. November   08.00pm  Thisted, Teutonersalen               

30. November   07.30pm   Randers, Værket                 

01. December    08.00pm  Aarhus, Musikhuset           

03. December  08:00pm Vejle Musikteater

05. December   08.00pm  Herning Kongrescenter              

06. December   08.00pm  Ringkoebing, ROFI centret                 

07. December   03.00pm  Kolding, Braendkjaerkirken                

07. December   05.30pm   Kolding, Braendkjaerkirken 

07. December   08.00pm  Kolding, Braendkjaerkirken       

08. December   03.00pm  Odense, Odeon          

09. December   08.00pm  Kalundborg Hallerne                  

10. December    08.00pm  Ringsted Kongres & Kulturcenter       

11. December     08.00pm  Ringsted Kongres & Kulturcenter                

12. December    08.00pm  Greve, Portalen          

13. December    08.00pm  Hilleroed, Frederiksborgcentret         

14. December    01.00pm   Copenhagen, Tivoli Congress Center          

14. December    04.30pm  Copenhagen, Tivoli Congress Center          

17. December    08.00pm  Skive, Kulturcenter Limfjord              

18. December    08.00pm  Aabenraa, Soenderjyllandshallen                

19. December    07.30pm   Holstebro, Musikteater               

20. December   08.00pm  Viborg, Tinghallen   


Remember, that you can find links to all the above events on Stig’s website.

As usual, we encourage you to check out Stig’s website and calendar on a regular basis as the site is updated frequently with details on venues and ticket sale.


During 2018 Stig has started activities on other media and he also has many new initiatives on the drawing board. We have been reviewing the situation for some time, and we have now concluded that this will be a very good time for us to bow out and retire.

All of us at Aarhus Banden sincerely thank everyone for all your positive feedback to us over the years, your always happy and cosy contact with us when we meet out there in the "Stig" world, whether it is for Stig's own productions, with "Stig and Friends" or other activities, it has been and always is a pleasure.

We will of course continue to follow Stig's many activities, so we will see you out there 😊

Very best wishes


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